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16th May 2017 / Wellbeing /

…think that these were special routes, routes that before the XII century were crossed by numerous pilgrims passing by that Castle to reach all possible destinations. It is so warm, this May 16th 1017, so heated that the caravan pulled by white horses can’t think of another hour ride like this. Surrounded by bushes and trees, three arches and a lovely shadow space appears as a mirage. Finally rest, this is their first thought, but the crowd slowly gets its way into their eyes. They are not alone. Dozens of travellers who lead their route got into the same relief.  People are so unlikely trying to find their own narrow space into the crowd. …..back today I open my eyes and I am just by myself. Surrounded by the wind and the pollen. I am not warm neither cold, just as it is. I can breath the fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature.But I really want to go back to that Tuesday of 1000 years ago that I can so strongly feel by just being there…


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