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Special Feasts

Join us for a special event or celebrate with a private dinner for two, with food that celebrates the seasons and local culinary traditions.

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Our Dinner Under The Stars is a celebratory feast for friends, honouring the best of farm-to-table cuisine and inventive cooking. The menu is based on the freshest ingredients available from Villa Lena’s Organic Orto. Join our special dinner in Villa Lena’s magical atmosphere and enjoy the best of tuscan cuisine celebrating changing seasons and its produce.

Upcoming Dinner Under The Stars


Step into the secluded woodlands behind the villa for a unique and immersive dining experience. Our intimate, unconventional, and elaborate dinners are inspired by nature and sustainability and designed to incorporate the best of the seasons. Join us for a memorable dining experience that combines farm-to-table produce, with locally sourced ingredients and wild game. Be completely surrounded by nature as you indulge in a very special menu crafted to enhance the setting, filled with Tuscans flavours, foraged from the very place you enjoy your meal.


There are many secluded spots around the estate, both indoor and outside, that offer a romantic setting for a private dining experience. Whether you dream of dinner under the stars amongst the olive trees, or a candlelit dinner in the private garden of our honeymoon suite Casetta dell’Amore, we can work together with you to create a bespoke meal fit for any special occasion.


Throughout the year we choose meaningful moments to bring all our guests together to celebrate life. At Easter you can expect a bountiful lunch, the traditional Italian Ferragosto in August is always a BBQ and party by the pool, and each Halloween we serve a banquet and fancy dress party.

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