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Much of Villa Lena’s 500 hectares is woodland teeming with wild boar and, come autumn, the famous ‘tartufo bianco’ or white truffle.

These ancient woodlands of Palaia, that surround the hilltop Villa is the setting for the Truffle hunt. An experience that is not only beautiful, but takes you to the heart of an important autumnal tradition in Tuscany, and joining the ‘silent hunt’ means that you are not only searching for some of the best white truffles in Tuscany, but doing so with the most sincere respect for nature.

The white truffle season usually starts in mid September and continues until Christmas. During this period you can join us for the ultimate, seasonal Tuscan experience.

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Jump into the bottle green SUV with the truffle dogs and our truffle guide to go hiking for an hour or two into the woods, searching for tartufo bianco.

An early morning start is important, leaving the villa when there is still a touch of the morning fog in the hills.

Set off in small groups of hunters and together with our guide and their dogs you will discover the hidden life of the woodland: the call of birds, the tangle of plants; signs left by wild animals ( you might catch a glimpse if you are lucky enough) and the places that the white truffles are hidden. During the hour walk you learn from the guides about the forest and its history as a sacred place for the Etruscans, returning to the Villa with the famous white truffle of Palaia secured.



Starting from 1st October

Nothing beats the true gastronomic experience of digging for white truffles, guided by the lovely truffle hounds, and then eating them a few hours later on fresh, homemade pasta. White truffle season starts in the autumn and it’s a rare experience that is nowhere more evocative than in the Tuscan hills. Combine it with a carefully curated wine selection for an exceptional all-round Tuscan experience.

Select one of the Truffle Hunting Experiences or join us for an amazing Lunch degustation menu highlighting white truffle flavours through specially curated menu.

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Buy truffles!

If you can’t bear to leave without taking a taste of this seasonal delicacy with you, fear not: you can buy our tartufo bianco from our daily truffle hunt yield, by weight, in Villa Lena’s shop. Enquire with reception during your stay to find out more.

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