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In times of uncertainty, we are committed to making meaningful actions as long as we can. Whilst charitable giving is strongly directed towards pressing matters highlighted by the pandemic and social unrest, we feel strongly that we must not forget about those in need. As part of our ongoing work with UNICEF Italia we will be donating 10% of the proceeds on any purchase you make with us from now till the rest of this year – any booking for a stay, any cocktail sipped at our bar, or any purchase of the Villa Lena products of our wines, olive oil or limited edition prints.

We will also hold an auction with 100% of profits supporting UNICEF’s work in Italy and around the world. UNICEF’s cause is one close to our hearts. Their protection and support of vulnerable and disadvantaged children is of the utmost importance, and their responsibility as custodians of the UN’s Global Goals, guaranteeing a flourishing planet for future generations, is aligned with our sustainable ethos and efforts. We have created at Villa Lena a community that fosters creativity and collaboration for all ages and is accessible for families with children. Kids at Villa Lena have the unique opportunity to experience the intersection of culture and nature on our estate, learn about important topics such as sustainability and agriculture, and explore their creativity in workshops run by international artists as part of our residency programme. We believe this safe and inspiring space is something that should be available to all children and UNICEF goes some way to creating that.

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