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Villa Lena is an Old World estate, with a fresh, forward-thinking attitude. Sustainability isn’t merely a lifestyle choice at Villa Lena, it is at the absolute heart of what we do. This means that whilst we subscribe to all the obvious sustainable actions, such as recycling and green power, we also take a 360 degree view of all our activities. 

Whether a guest, artist or employee, we aim for you to leave us with a renewed sense of purpose and a heightened respect for nature, a passion for using creativity to inspire others, as well as an appreciation for the slower things in life. 


Villa Lena proudly announces its Green Key certification, solidifying our commitment to sustainability. As one of Tuscany’s leading establishments, we are honored to be among the select few—just one of five—recognized with the Green Key certification. This prestigious eco-label reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, and community engagement. At Villa Lena, we invite you to experience the harmonious blend of luxury and eco-conscious practices, setting the standard for responsible tourism in the heart of Tuscany. Join us on this journey towards a greener future as we continue to uphold the principles of the Green Key certification, ensuring that your stay is not only memorable but also environmentally mindful.


Villa Lena is as close to nature as it gets and the deftly managed estate respects the past as much as it looks to the future. Ancient tradition complements renewable technology and next-generation thinking. We take responsibility for reducing any negative impacts our actions have on the environment and the local community so that we can preserve our small slice of paradise for future generations to enjoy. Surrounded by 500 hectares of wild forest and farmland one is reminded of the complex beauty of the natural word and our part within it. We offer our guests memorable experiences with an innovative and bespoke approach to sustainable travel. Our commitment allows our visitors to reconnect with nature, explore their creativity and nourish themselves with farm-to-table cooking. 


Underpinned by a traditional Tuscan diet of whole grains, beans, olive oil, nuts, fruits and vegetables, we are constantly striving for the food served at Villa Lena to be entirely produced on the estate. Our 2,000 olive trees and Sangiovese vines are certified organic — with 600 litres of extra virgin olive oil produced a year, as well as two types of red wine, which many guests buy to take home. Everything served, from the cola to the butter, the dried pasta to the organic meat, is of Tuscan origin. Conservation is symbiotic with the estate’s management. When the thriving wild boar population starts to take a negative toll on the land, digging up so much vegetation that landslides become a risk, they are ethically hunted as game — along with other indigenous species including pheasant, red deer, mouflon and rabbits.


Recalibrating for a more efficient future and committed to reducing energy consumption, Villa Lena’s owners are conserving the historic buildings with sensitivity to the environment. The focus in the main turn-of-the-century villa has been restoration and ‘upcycling’. A local carpenter made the dining tables using locally sourced wood and reclaimed tiles from the picturesque seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, famous for its marble throughout Italy. Dilapidated wardrobes found gathering dust in the villa have been brought back to life and, wherever possible, the original stonework has been exposed to reveal the villa’s true age. In contrast, the recently renovated San Michele and Fattoria buildings, which house accommodation and the restaurant, are powered by renewable energy.


Seasonality is the most conscious and thoughtful way to use ingredients sustainably and we are constantly striving for the food served at Villa Lena to be entirely produced on the estate. Our farm is run on organic, biodynamic and closed-loop principles, meaning our crops are organic and we recycle all nutrients and organic matter back into the soil that it grew in. Compost and fertiliser is produced from the restaurant’s food waste as well as the onsite 40sqm worm farm. 

Organic and biodynamic agriculture

Biodiversity is essential across the globe and we strive to do our best to preserve and enhance what we find on the Villa Lena estate, from the natural landscape to it’s plethora of ecosystems. We protect and manage the wildlife that lives and grows on the grounds of the estate, to ensure the land remains as close to the way that nature intended. Landscape design of accessible areas ensures we adhere to keeping the land as wild as possible. We use no pesticides in the process of farming and only natural methods for insect control.


The founding principles of Villa Lena focused on creating a community for creative exchange and dialogue, and supporting artists in their work. Other charitable endeavours include fundraising for a number of partner organisations who uphold causes we believe in – from UNICEF Italia to Meditarranea Rescue and Cooperativa Alice. Creating a large number of jobs for the local workforce, we also offer our hospitality and maintenance staff training to support career development. We stimulate local business through the use of ingredients, materials and labour from small business owners and craftsmen and encourage artists in residence to collaborate with the community. Through these actions, we strive to build a community that supports health and wellness in its myriad forms, for the Villa Lena community and further afield. 

Our Pledge

In times of uncertainty, we are committed to making meaningful actions as long as we can. Read more about our pledge here.

Our Pledge

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