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Creative Workshop

10th Июль 2021 @ 4:00 пп - 5:00 пп

Creative Workshop | Hand-building Techniques in Ceramics: The Body and Clay with Meabh Breathnach 

In this workshop learn the basic ways of working with clay — simply with the hands and body, connect with and understand the material in a primal way. A hands-on and open-ended workshop for people of all ages and skill levels led by Meabh who will demonstrate the processes of pinching, coiling and rolling clay in order to create vessels or sculptural forms. Throughout, explore and highlight the traces left by our bodies on the material — traces that are usually smoothed over become elements to celebrate.

NB Works must dry in the studio for 24-48 hours then be fired for 24 hours before collection.

Join the Tuesday  glazing workshop to learn about glazing techniques and to decorate your work. 

Suitable for children.

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