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1st March 2017 / Explore /

Visiting Villa Lena for two nights after a trip to Florence, our very short stay didn’t feel so at all. We came with our children, aged six and one. This is what we remember:

  • driving up the hill: the Tuscan scenery
  • swimming, swimming, swimming!
  • watching the fireflies at night outside our bedroom window
  • pizza night and meeting the local pizza master
  • dancing on the yoga deck
  • visiting the artists’ studios
  • painting by the swimming pool with Oliver and Luna
  • finding a unicorn
  • making friends with Margot (the chef-in-residence)
  • evening meals altogether
  • a heart made of flowers
  • colouring in at breakfast time
  • making a daisy crown on our walk to Toiano Vecchio
  • gifts from new friends

In short: magic and community.

Villa Lena 11

Villa Lena 3


Thank you Jenny for visiting us. It was a real pleaseure to welcome you. We hope to see you very soon!

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