Ever wondered what’s behind those fences at Villa Lena?
Well, it’s wild boar and white truffles, the famous tartufo bianco.

The tartufo bianco season starts mid-to-late late September and carries over until the Christmas season. During this period you can join us for these unique, seasonal experiences when Tuscany goes mad for white truffles.

Truffle hunt – 20 euros per person
Jump into the bottle green SUV with the truffle dogs and our truffle guide to go hiking for an hour or two into the woods, searching for tartufo bianco.

Truffle pasta – 35 euros per person
Yum! Does this need a description? Apart from the fact that it takes place at lunchtime, with a glass of Villa Lena TuttiGiorni or Villa Lena Sparkling Rosé wine, little more needs be said about this seasonal gastronomic highlight.

Buy truffle!
If you can’t bear to part without this seasonal delicacy—as so many aficionados cannot—fear not: you can buy our tartufo bianco from our truffle hunt yield from our wild Tuscan forests according to your appetite, by weight, in Villa Lena’s shop.

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