Organic Orto

Our organic orto, our fantastic organic vegetable and fruit garden, spreads over 2 hectares and just keeps on growing… The annual cycle of bountiful produce provides our restaurant with fresh, sun-drenched veggies, underpinning our seasonally-led menus.

Different seasons offer us different things—from peas, asparagus and artichokes in the spring to heirloom tomatoes, juicy strawberries and melons in the summer or figs, kale, cauliflower and squash in the autumn.

Our organic orto is open to visitors and we run ‘What’s in the Garden?’ workshops in them on a regular basis. Guests and visitors can opt to visit to the kitchen gardens with one of our international chefs-in-residence, to gather what’s there and join a sociable workshop on the pool terrace to create new dishes from the harvested bounty and enjoy a delicious and leisurely lunch together.

Our gardens are organic. They do no use of pesticides but instead rely on biodynamic farming methods, using rain water collected from across the estate.