Villa Lena is a new kind of retreat where guests can find cutting edge contemporary culture in the midst of wild nature, where food is locally grown and produced, where design is vintage and original, where children and adults can find adventures in the wilderness, as well as enjoy the beauty and serenity of the lush Tuscan hills.

Set on an estate sprawling over 500 hectares of stunning woodland, olive groves and vineyards, filled with extraordinary fauna and wildlife, it holds a number of buildings, which are used for the hotel and artist residency. The heart of the property is the Villa, built at the end of the 18th century by a local family, the Ferrini Del Frate.

The hotel houses an artist residency where multidisciplinary creative talent can work for a period of two months, collaborate with other residents, mingle with hotel guests and take part in Villa Lena’s life.

The rooms and the common areas at Villa Lena are designed by Paris based Clarisse Demory with an emphasis on easy chic.  Spaces are filled with vintage pieces and recycled furniture. As a result, each room has its own unique look with art pieces produced in the artist ‘s village by the past residents.

Guests are invited to rent apartments or houses which are spread over the estate. Fattoria, an ancient stable was remodeled into apartments with high ceilings, terraces and tall fireplaces. San Michele is right by the central pool and proposes single rooms for a more budget stay. Renacchi is set within 10 minute walking distance from the heart of the property and is ideal for a family holiday. Stento and Stentino are two separate houses with a shared pool and good 15 minutes walk from the center.

Centrally located, the restaurant and the main pool have great views over the rugged Tuscan hills and rolling fields during the daytime, and music, dancing and parties during hot summer evenings.

Villa Lena has a special approach to food, something to enjoy and take at heart. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown on site as much as possible and outsourced from the best local organic producers.

Villa Lena runs a small shop in the reception presenting unique collaborations. Through working with the artists in residence and best craftsmen in the area, Villa Lena establishes a line of commissioned objects. You can also purchase the estate’s homemade olive oil and wine.

The founders behind Villa Lena are Lena Evstafieva, a contemporary art consultant, Jerome Hadey, a musician with his own band Outlines and Lionel Bensemoun, a man behind the legendary Parisian night club Le Baron. Together, they wanted to bring in one place their experiences in music, art, entertainment, film, fashion and other creative fields and create a unique retreat in its atmosphere, content and possibilities.