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11th Aprile 2016 / Explore / Our Tuscan Hood /

Another great summer local festival is the black summer truffle festival — this is followed less than a week after the cherries.  San Miniato is Tuscany’s answer to Alba, the truffle Mecca of Italy, although many (proud Tuscans perhaps) told me the truffles here are every bit as good.  The black truffle festival was quite spectacular.  Performers dressed as swans on slits, live music for all ages and tastes, endless wine tasting tables, light shows, food stalls, special truffle themed meals to be had at all the restaurants and even a brass band in the butcher’s shop. Aside from the truffles San Miniato has a high concentration of excellent gastronomic restaurants, a craft beer shop, great antique shops and a superlative gelateria.

San Miniato is a short drive from Villa Lena, and in addition to the summer truffle festival they host white truffle festival in November. Local producers display not only fresh white truffles but an imaginative variety of truffle products – from truffle infused olive oil to polenta specked with truffle. Make sure to check the back of the label to see the percentage of the truffle in each product – sometimes its just the truffle infusion rather than the actual thing.

Did you know that you could rummage through Villa Lena woods and search of highly prized white truffles. More infos here



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