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29th Agosto 2019 / Wellbeing /

Based on the assumption that mind and body are inseparable as long as we are alive, the word “bind” is intended to replace both “mind” and “body” and thereby refer to their mutual bond. Bindful Movement-workshop connects your mind and body and let’s you explore the bindful motion for the rest of the day. Come and join us at Villa Lena this September and tune into bindfulness with Eleanor Bauer!

Experience the Bindful Movement Workshop with Eleanor Bauer

During her residency at Villa Lena, Eleanor will offer Bindful Movement (45 min + 45 min) workshop on 4-12th September.

The workshop honors and hones our sensory, perceptual and sensual embodied intelligences.

The first part of the workshop, Bindful Movement (45 minutes), welcomes all bodies and with all levels of prior physical experience. Intended as a warmpup and/or tuning practice, the workshop combines simple and adaptable exercises and guided improvisations.

Choreo-graphy – the writing of the dance -workshop (45 minutes) follows after Bindful Movement, and you have a chance to deep-dive into the bridges between dancing and writing. Looking at the intersections, gaps, tensions and potential bridges between dancing and writing, you will experiment with all the ways that embodied awareness can be brought into writing, through collective writing strategies, drawing, poetry, prose, and/or music. 

Eleanor Bauer – an Inspiring Choreography Artist

Eleanor Bauer is an American choreographer who works not only with dance as a form of self-expression, but also with writing, performance and music. She has done both solo-productions as well as collaborated with other named artists. Eleanor has actively collaborated with GoodMove VZW, which is a Belgian non-profit organization that supports Brussels based artists and promotes the medium of dance in Belgium and abroad. GoodMove supports artists who challenge their relationship with artistic process with the medium of dance and performance, hence they have supported Eleanor in the production of her works.

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