Villa Lena Red Wine

The Villa Lena vineyards are pocketed around the estate, buried among woodland and set away from roads. The fields are carefully cultivated by our agricultural team using biodynamic and organic methods, seeding other plants between the vines to increase biodiversity. South-West facing, a mix of old and new vines of the classic Tuscan Sangiovese grapes soak up the hottest rays of the late afternoon sun, filling up the grapes with intense flavour. Each harvest is hand picked and produced in a local winery. 


This is a young and easy going red wine, perfect for immediate consumption. Organic and IGT certified, the vinification process takes place in stainless steel tanks with natural yeast, controlled temperature and 12-15 days of skin maceration. 

Tasting notes: ruby, sweet spices, summer berries | Grapes: Sangiovese (100%)


The is a humble yet elegant wine. Following the harvest, this wine spends 12 months in 4 different oak barrels which give distinct flavours. Once blended, the wine spends a further 3 months in the bottle and the final result is a complex and refined wine. 

Tasting notes: velvet, red cherries, wood vanilla | Grapes: Sangiovese (100%)

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