Villa Lena Olive Oil

Villa Lena olive oil is 100% organic and of superior quality. It’s Tuscan, hand-picked and cold pressed. Villa Lena olive oil is IGT—a denomination status that is a little less known than DOC or DOCG, but also denotes a distinctive product typical of a specific region—and is certified as a bio product i.e. certified organic.


The olive oil is produced from olives grown and harvested exclusively on the Villa Lena estate, using organic and biodynamic principles. A variety of olives is collected from over 2000 ancient olive trees, scattered over 500 hectares of the estate, grown at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level. The altitude means more extreme temperatures than average Tuscan weather, resulting in stronger and more hardy olive trees that, in turn, produce more olives with a more robust and spicy flavour. The estate is in a remote part of Tuscan hills, surrounded by wild woodland, with limited or no pollution and healthy, unspoiled terrain. We grow three of the best known Tuscan varieties of olives: Frantiano, Leccino and Moraiolo.


The olives are harvested in the autumn. Depending on the year’s conditions, we usually expect to start the harvest at the end of September, but sometimes it happens as late as November. Due to the unusual and hard-to-reach terrain, the olives are always harvested by hand. Nets are placed under the trees, and our team shakes and rumbles the trees to make the olives fall into the nets; an age-old harvest method. The olives are usually at different stages of maturity—mixing green through to black varieties also contributes to the unusual flavour of the blend. Once harvested, the olives are immediately taken to the mill to be cold-pressed. To achieve the best results, they arrive for pressing within 12 hours of harvesting and the olive press often works through the night at the height of the harvest. The freshly pressed olive oil is stored in a tank to allow the sediment to fall to the bottom. Only after a few weeks it is bottled and ready to go.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is peppery and bright, with a smooth and spicy flavour which is achieved by blending a variety of olives (Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo).

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