Villa Lena Red

Villa Lena Red is made of a typical Tuscan Sangiovese grape, one that has been associated with the most desired wines that the region has to offer for centuries.

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Villa Lena Sparkling Rose

In addition to our home-grown products, we also create a very special sparkling rosé in collaboration with Mazzei wines, a family run business that has been making wine in Tuscany for over 600 years. This drink is a passion project of ours - building on the immense heritage of sparkling wines in Italy but with a contemporary twist, it perfectly sums up the experience of staying at Villa Lena. A delicious, easy-to-drink sparkling wine that can be enjoyed with lunch or dinner and is just as good at aperitivo as it is on the dance floor!

Villa Lena Olive Oil

Villa Lena olive oil is 100% organic and of superior quality. It’s Tuscan, hand-picked and cold pressed. Villa Lena olive oil is IGT—a denomination status that is a little less known than DOC or DOCG, but also denotes a distinctive product typical of a specific region—and is certified as a bio product i.e. certified organic.

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