Every season we invite a handful of exciting chefs from around the world to participate in our chef-in-residence programme. Whilst taking up residence in the beautiful villa, the chefs are invited to work in the kitchen alongside the Villa Lena head chef, offer a unique twist to our popular food workshops for guests and take over the restaurant menu once a week to share their individual skills and style. 

This programme ensures an evolving menu at Villa Lena, and enables visiting chefs to curate part of the seasonal menu and share their vision and recipes for organic, sustainable cuisine. Seasonality is at the core of our ethos: from the first signs of wild asparagus and elderflower in spring to zucchini flowers and blackberries throughout the summer to the white truffles and figs abundant in autumn. Each chef brings his or her own take on local, seasonal produce and responds to the ingredients, foraged or grown on the estate. 

If you want to find out more about how the residencies work or are interested in applying, you can find out more on the Villa Lena Foundation website.