Villa Lena is a working farm, adhering to organic and biodynamic principles of agriculture. We grow our own organic wine, olives, vegetables and fruits.

Fully Operational Agriculture

In 2016, Pietro Castellani joined Villa Lena bringing with him a wealth of experience in agricultural management in the Italian countryside, including managing his own biodynamic farm, founded in 1987. With over 2,000 olive trees, hectares of red and white wine grapes, livestock and organic vegetable gardens, Villa Lena is a fully operational agricultural project.


Our Biodynamic Programme

Under Pietro’s management, the biodynamic programme takes into account each of the agricultural functions in relation to overall estate. In an effort to create a ‘closed loop system’, the waste from one operation is used for another agricultural purpose and each element is used in more than one way, contributing to the greater circular economy of the estate. For example, pruned foliage from the olive trees are mulched to create compost that is then used in the organic vegetable gardens that supply the Villa Lena restaurant’s kitchen.

Complete Sustainability

Villa Lena is continuing to develop its agriculture with the goal of becoming completely sustainable and biodynamic within the next few years. This includes expanding the amount of land dedicated to growing produce for the kitchen whilst also taking account of rain water collection systems to ensure that the estate does not need to draw water from other sources.